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Restore Your Hair's Youthful Appearance!

For centuries, the Chinese have spoken of a natural herbal formula and its ability to restore dull, thin-appearing hair to its youthful luster - without sticky creams or artificial chemicals.

Think about it: Have you ever seen a Chinese person whose hair wasn't thick, shiny and beautiful?

Now for the first time since the Ming Dynasty, a version of this time-tested Chinese formula is being exported to the U.S. - SHOU WU™! This amazing supplement is extracted from natural and ancient medicinal herbs including the nutrient-rich root of the wild Eastern Rose Plant.

Those who have used SHOU WU™ in the U.S. over a 6-month period are amazed at the results and are receiving compliments from family, friends and associates. The results speak for themselves!

Try SHOU WU™ - and you, too, may personally discover the Chinese secret to fuller looking, more lustrous looking hair and a more youthful appearance. Be patient, use it consistently for 3 months or so. Don't be surprised if you, too, find yourself receiving compliments from friends and family.

"I have been using Shou Wu for approximately 5 months. My boss asked me what I did to my hair. He said it looked great, healthy, shiny and swingier. I was impressed, and so was he! The results are visible!"

- J. Hunter, NY

Shou Wu

Item # 7790HY
Shou Wu

  • Helps restore your hair's youthful appearance Helps restore your hair's youthful appearance

  • Get fuller, more lustrous looking hair

  • Contains 60 Tablets/ 1 Month Supply
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