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The Master Blend for Better Sexual Health ...

They say true love lasts a lifetime. Lovemaking, on the other hand, is often gone far too early in life. Stress, lack of interest, hormonal changes, boredom - when the passion has passed everyone has a reason why.

If you would rather rekindle the excitement than make excuses, then we invite you to discover the stimulating potential of Revive® for Men & Women.

This special prosexual supplement may help any man - or woman - approach new levels of satisfaction with a new attitude about intimacy as you grow older.

Revive® helps increase testosterone levels in men helping to stimulate sex drive.

Since testosterone is responsible for stimulating sexual activity in women as well as men, Revive® is intended for use by both partners. Testosterone is found in females in much smaller concentrations. A very small amount of testosterone in females is capable of enhancing sexual response.

Revive® - Here's Why It's So Special ...

It is now widely recognized that one of the key ingredients in Revive®, avena Sativa (also known as wild oats), helps to boost testosterone levels. Twenty-four different enzymes have been isolated in the extract of green oats. Scientists have found that one of these enzymes, avena orientalis, stimulates production of testosterone.

Revive®, a safe and healthy formula, works as a master blend for support of sexual health in both men and women. The nutrients in Revive® address the underlying functions necessary to the health of the sexual organs. It is all natural. These natural substances hold great promise as promoters of increased sexual satisfaction. Order now and see for yourself.

Revive 60 Tablets

Item # 3330HY
Revive 60 Tablets

Revive® contains these wonderful ingredients:

  • All-natural specialty herbal formulation
  • Based on Chinese herbs and vital nutrition
  • Naturally and safely supports your lungs

"Before using this product I was having trouble keeping an erection. Since my girlfriend and I have started taking it, that problem is history. It has really produced a sex life like you wouldn't believe."

- Bob, New Mexico

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