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Nature's Answer for ... Arthritis Pain Relief!

Discover It for Yourself With This Fast-Acting Roll-On!

It's called PAIN-FREE HPTM... and it's a unique herbal formulation containing a high potency of "CAPSAICIN" extract! IT'S LIKE A MIRACLE ...

How does PAIN-FREE HPTM work? Studies indicate that when you rub it onto the sore area, the potent ingredient, "capsaicin," goes to work by attracting and destroying the messenger chemical which carries pain sensations to your brain - thus eliminating the pain! It's really amazing. Its effects do not diminish with long-term use.

You do not build up a resistance to it. PAIN-FREE HPTM actually works better and better over time. This is because repeated use depletes a cell's supply of the messenger chemical - so fewer and fewer pain signals make it to the brain. Best of all, PAIN-FREE HPTM contains no harsh ingredients, no dangerous chemicals, and won't bother your stomach.

A word of caution ... BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. You may have seen similar products in large chain drug stores or advertised by celebrities on TV or in magazines, but DON'T BE FOOLED ... those products often contain only a synthetic version of "capsaicin," which has been shown to be generally too weak and ineffective for pain relief.

NOW With the Added Extra Strength of MENTHOL

For those who prefer, we've added this version with menthol - which is often referred to as "nature's anesthesia" for its ability to stimulate a comforting sensation of warmth. This new version also has an aroma-therapeutic natural herbal scent.


Pain-Free HP Menthol

Item # 1165HY
Pain-Free HP Menthol

  • Stops pain in Minutes
  • Works for virtually any type of pain
  • Fast-acting, mess-free roll-on
  • With the Added Extra Strength of Menthol

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