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Get Ready to Break Out Your Skinny Clothes


You'll Need Them When You Switch on Your Body's Secret "Fat Eraser"

If you're like most people trying to lose weight, your "skinny clothes" have moved to the back of the closet. Let's face it, as you get older, gaining weight gets easier. And losing it gets a lot harder.

But science has discovered your body contains a secret "fat eraser." It's an internal mechanism that makes pounds just seem to fall off. Turn it on, and pretty soon, you need to break out your skinny clothes again.

And now you can take advantage of this powerful secret, thanks to the ingredients in TonaGenic, by UniScience Group™. They help you:

  • Unlock the hidden secret of double fat-burning power.
  • Feel just as full, while eating less.
  • Burn calories faster... even while you sleep.
  • Build lean, sexy muscle without extra exercise.

In just weeks, a leaner, sexier you can emerge. A new you with more energy and stamina. A you who starts turning heads again.

TonaGenic's exclusive combination of nutrients triggers your body's fat eraser, so you can swap fat for muscle.. burn off excess pounds... and keep the fat off for good.

Aren't you ready to wear your skinny clothes again? Or maybe buy yourself some new ones? You can when you switch on your body's secret fat eraser.

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Item # 1012HY

  • Contains CLA - The amazing fat that helps make you skinny!
  • 1 bottle contains 180 Capsules
  • 1 bottle = 45 day supply

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