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Advanced Natural Medicine Bulletin
Q: Are all supplements the same quality regardless of brand?

A: No. Many store and mail order brands are formulated using second-rate ingredients. This makes their potency and effectiveness very questionable.

Q: What exactly makes Healthier YOU supplements the best?

A: For starters, they are what we call "premium grade." This means that only the finest raw ingredients are used. Furthermore, most of the formulations are exclusive, and deliver the best quality and effectiveness for the best value.

Q: Can you tell us more about "premium grade"?

A: Sure. Boiled down it means that only the highest industry approved laboratory standards are used in raw ingredient selection, testing and manufacturing. This creates the types of supplements that people can really take and rely on.

Q: What kinds of binders and fillers are used?

A: Great question. Many people are just as concerned about binders and fillers as they are about the raw ingredients. Like everything else at Healthier YOU, we rely on Nature - using only natural and vegetarian binders, fillers, and excipients.

Q: Are the dosage and ingredient listings on labels accurate?

A: At Healthier YOU we meet or exceed all label claims. To further guarantee this, all Healthier YOU ingredients are scientifically lab tested.

Q: How well are supplements absorbed and assimilated into the body?

A: Although everyone's system is different, Healthier YOU supplements have been formulated to break down rapidly and deliver maximum absorption.

"Choosing the Correct Supplements Can be Difficult - We've Taken the Guess Work Out of it for You..."

With so many choices out there, I know just how hard it can be to decide what's real, what's just advertising hype, what's priced right. This makes it all the more important to have a single source - a place - where you can get all of your health supplements...and be assured that they are for real, and that they are definitely priced right.

For hundreds of thousands of people around the world, Healthier YOU is just this "place." The Healthier YOU difference is plain to see - take this handy guide, it illustrates (in an easy-to-read and understand fashion) the best natural solutions for just about every known health concern - for example...

If you have a particular health concern - "Heart Health" ... "Complete Wellness" ... "Arthritis Pain Relief" ... etc. - the Home Page of our site makes it extra easy to find exactly what you need to feel great naturally!

The 3 Easy Steps Toward Good Health...

1. Choose the highest-quality Multi-Vitamin that contains only the best ingredients:

Nothing tops a complete multiple vitamin formula for laying the foundation for feeling better and looking better naturally ... and no multi does the job better than Next Generation. In fact, if you do only one thing to improve your health, make that one thing taking Next Generation daily.

2. Add additional natural health solutions based on your specific needs:

Taking the correct multiple vitamin daily is the first - and necessary - step that you must make in order to have optimal health naturally. The next, and often equally important step is to augment your multiple vitamin program with specific health supplements based on your unique needs. For example, if you're a man over the age of 40 you'll want to support the health of your prostate ... Pros-Tamina Plus is the perfect natural formula for just this. Whatever your specific needs - Arthritis Pain Relief, Joint Health, Eye Health, Colon Health - you'll find just the answer you're looking for here at Healthier YOU!®

3. Take all of your health supplements regularly and consistently, as directed:

It's important to be committed to your natural health supplement program. Vitamins, herbs, minerals, amino acids, whole food complexes .. they work best when taken consistently and regularly over a prolonged period of time. You see, natural health solutions are designed to work with your body in a gentle and safe manner. This is what makes them so unique and so beneficial for millions of people around the world.